Disable the Default Popup Menu on Text Boxes

Disable the Default Popup Menu on Text Boxes

Some controls in VB4 and VB5, such as the TextBox control, have a default context menu that appearswhen you right-click on the control. If you want to pop up your own context menu, no property or methodof those controls exists to disable the default behavior.To solve this problem, place code in the Mouse_Down event, which disables the target control. Pop upyour context menu, and then re-enable the control. Here’s the method in PopContextMenu:

 Sub PopContextMenu(argoControl As _        Control, argoMenu As Control)                argoControl.Enabled = False                PopupMenu argoMenu                argoControl.Enabled = TrueEnd Sub

Call it in the MouseDown event of a text box named Text1 for a menu called MyMenu:

 Private Sub Text1_MouseDown(Button As _        Integer, Shift As Integer, X As _        Single, Y As Single)                If Button = vbRightButton Then                        PopContextMenu Text1, MyMenu                End IfEnd Sub


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