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DevX Archives : March 2005

Write Adaptive, Dynamic Code Using Reflection - 03/31/2005
Use Extended Properties to Synchronize Your Documentation, Database Objects, and Code - 03/30/2005
Extending Behavior with the Visitor Pattern - 03/30/2005
Restricting Implicit Conversion - 03/30/2005
Obtain Different Portions of a SQL Datetime Field - 03/30/2005
Connecting to Oracle without Configuring the tnsnames.ora File - 03/30/2005
Make Your Servlet Code Reusable - 03/30/2005
Change the Tab Order of the Controls in a Dialog Box  - 03/29/2005
Lucene: Add Indexing and Search to Your Web Apps - 03/29/2005
iFrames + JSP = Enhanced Web Content Retrieval - 03/29/2005
SharePoint Site Definitions: Why You Need Them and How to Use Them - 03/26/2005
Meet the Future of Data Head-on with Comega - 03/25/2005
How to Prepare for the Microsoft Platform Tests - 03/23/2005
MSDN Subscriptions: Are You Ready to Be a Team Player? - 03/23/2005
Adjust or Go Extinct: 50 Years of Conventional Wisdom and Eye-raising Anecdotes from Programming Veterans - 03/23/2005
Reset the Identity for All User Tables  - 03/23/2005
Setting the Password Value in ASP.NET - 03/23/2005
Print a DataGrid Alone from an ASP.NET Web Page - 03/23/2005
Storing Request-specific Data Without Using ServletRequest  - 03/22/2005
Using Sort with Arrays - 03/22/2005
Build a Better ColdFusion Cache Tag - 03/22/2005
Create Sound Synchronization Magic in Flash, Part 1 - 03/22/2005
Teach Your TiVO New Tricks with the HME SDK - 03/19/2005
Design Better Software with the Inversion of Control Pattern - 03/18/2005
Use Jython to Exercise Java APIs Without Compiling - 03/18/2005
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