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DevX Archives : April 2005

Using SharePoint Portal Server to Index Your Custom Application - 04/29/2005
Beyond Tables: Dealing with the Convergence of Relational and XML Data - 04/28/2005
Gather Crucial JDBC Connection Information with Database Metadata - 04/27/2005
Nano-Sheets: A Small but Mighty Spreadsheet Engine in REBOL, Part 2 - 04/26/2005
An Efficient Method of String Concatenation - 04/25/2005
Access GridView Container Row Items from the Button Click Event  - 04/25/2005
Get All Locales Supported by the Java Runtime - 04/25/2005
Converting One Class Type to a Different Class Type - 04/25/2005
Add Virtualization to Your Development Toolbox - 04/25/2005
ASP.NET Development Through Web Controls and Declarative Programming - 04/25/2005
No Datastructure? ColdFusion's Query Object to the Rescue - 04/22/2005
Working with Windows Forms Configuration Files in .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 - 04/22/2005
Check java.policy at Build Time to Avoid Runtime Errors - 04/22/2005
Migrate Your J2EE Apps from EJB to Hibernate - 04/20/2005
What You Need to Know About Web Controls - 04/20/2005
Shortcut Keys for Creating Comments in VS 2005 - 04/20/2005
Append the Items on a Dropdown Menu  - 04/20/2005
Sending Emails with Customized Attachment File Names  - 04/20/2005
Stop Initializing and Assigning Values to the Base Class's Data Members - 04/20/2005
Initializing Application Attributes During Context Initialization - 04/20/2005
Design Guidelines: Building Web Service Wrappers for an XML-based System - 04/19/2005
Another Brick in the Wall: Macromedia Agrees to Become Part of Adobe - 04/19/2005
Create Sound Synchronization Magic in Flash, Part 2 - 04/19/2005
UML for the Software Developer, Part 4: Deployment Diagrams - 04/18/2005
Implications and Repercussions of Partial Classes in the .NET Framework 2.0 - 04/18/2005
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