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DevX Archives : May 2005

Use JavaScript to Scale an Image According to Window Size  - 06/01/2005
Are We There Yet? - 06/01/2005
Heard on .NET Rocks!: Managing Geographical Data with World Wind - 06/01/2005
Hide System Tables and Objects in MS SQL Enterprise Manager - 06/01/2005
VB Paradigm Shift - 06/01/2005
Am I a Mad Scientist? - 06/01/2005
Capturing the ESCAPE Key Event  - 06/01/2005
Problem Instantiating a Class Instance in Its Own Constructor - 05/31/2005
Extend Your Instant Messenger Application with FTP Support and Private Chat - 05/27/2005
Java and YAC: Take Caller ID Beyond the Phone and into the Network - 05/26/2005
Five Great Patterns for Dealing with References - 05/26/2005
Using CodeDOM Code Generation to Implement Repetitive Patterns - 05/24/2005
Dynamically Remove HREF from the Anchor Tag  - 05/24/2005
Using a MySQL Database to Validate Usernames and Passwords - 05/24/2005
Enabling Data Source Control Caching Increases Performance  - 05/24/2005
Read the Entire Text Element  - 05/24/2005
Testing with an Application Verifier - 05/24/2005
Creating Voice Applications Using VoiceXML and the IBM Voice Toolkit - 05/21/2005
Give the New PIVOT and UNPIVOT Commands in SQL Server 2005 a Whirl - 05/20/2005
Loading External Assets in Flash with Transitions - 05/20/2005
Letting Java in on SQL Server Notifications - 05/19/2005
Use Callbacks to Isolate Concurrency Bugs - 05/18/2005
Masked Edit Control - 05/18/2005
Using StringBuilder in .NET - 05/18/2005
Use Reflection to Find Dynamic Class Information - 05/18/2005
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