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DevX Archives : July 2005

Discover RELAX NG, A Simple Schema Solution - 07/28/2005
Get Drunk on the Power of Reflection.Emit - 07/28/2005
The Times Are a-Changin' - 07/28/2005
Heard on .NET Rocks!: Indy Racing League - 07/28/2005
The Living Language—Visual Basic 2005 - 07/28/2005
Hibernate Criteria API: Multi-Criteria Search Made Easy - 07/28/2005
Book Excerpts: RFID: Applications, Security, and Privacy - 07/28/2005
Community and Compensation Are Secret Weapons of Microsoft's New Virtual Earth  - 07/27/2005
Fixing a CVS -n Update Error - 07/26/2005
Manage Messages from MQ Server with MQ Java Classes - 07/26/2005
Assign a Default Value to a Password Control in ASP.NET - 07/25/2005
Identify Columns for Indexing for Faster Queries  - 07/25/2005
Opinion: Eclipse Fails to Meet the Enterprise Java Developer's Needs - 07/25/2005
When to Pass Parameters by Value - 07/25/2005
Planetary Orbits: Elliptical Animations with ActionScript  - 07/25/2005
UML for the Software Developer, Part 6: Interaction Diagrams - 07/23/2005
Be an Avalon Test Pilot and Build the Windows UIs of Tomorrow - 07/22/2005
Building 2-D Graphics Applications Using Java and SVG - 07/21/2005
Dates in DB2 and Oracle: Same Data Type, Different Behavior - 07/21/2005
Managing XML Encryption with Java - 07/21/2005
Cross-platform Builds Made Easy: From Microsoft Visual Studio to ARMCC Using Ant and XSL - 07/19/2005
Generalized AJAX Response Handling for XML Content - 07/18/2005
Bring Java's System.currentTimeMillis() Back into the Fold for Transaction Monitoring - 07/14/2005
Building XML Applications with the .NET Framework 2.0 - 07/14/2005
Build an Embedded Array Language in Java  - 07/13/2005
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