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DevX Archives : November 2005

A Pattern-oriented Approach for Architecting Solutions Using Open Source Software - 12/01/2005
How to Create a Web Service in C# - 11/30/2005
Prepare a Class Diagram in Visio Using Reverse Engineering - 11/29/2005
Getting Started with EJB 3.0 and Enterprise Bean Components - 11/29/2005
Porting itoa Windows STL Code to Linux - 11/29/2005
Shortcut for Adding a Line Break in a Table Cell  - 11/29/2005
Using Reflection to Execute Class Methods at Runtime - 11/29/2005
Getting Started with Windows Communication Foundation Transactions - 11/29/2005
Turning Recursive and Nested Triggers On and Off - 11/29/2005
Master Advanced List Editing in SharePoint - 11/24/2005
Creating Windows Starter Kits for Visual Studio 2005 - 11/23/2005
Presenting Dates in Varying Formats - 11/23/2005
Getting New Values Entered into a Table - 11/23/2005
Porting Code from Windows to Linux - 11/23/2005
Working with Windows Workflow Foundation in ASP.NET - 11/22/2005
Eliminate Log Messages on the Console in JDK 1.4 - 11/22/2005
Use Best Practices for Keeping Your SOX in Compliance - 11/21/2005
Integrate COM Component Functionality into Your PL/SQL Codebase - 11/19/2005
Connect the Dots: Create Rubber Bands with Flash's Drawing API - 11/17/2005
How To Copy Database Data Using JDBC - 11/17/2005
Safely Downcast Pointers Without dynamic_cast Overhead - 11/16/2005
Constructing Strings of Repeated Characters in T-SQL - 11/16/2005
Enable Day-click Selection for an ASP Calendar Control - 11/16/2005
Write a Standalone Java Application Without a Main Method - 11/16/2005
Browse the MS Enterprise Library: Cryptography Application Block - 11/14/2005
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