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DevX Archives : January 2006

CTPs and a New Certification Scheme Discussed at VSLive! - 02/01/2006
Managing Rules (and Achieving Agility) with Business Process Management - 02/01/2006
Printing an Object in Java - 01/31/2006
Building Report-enabled Applications with the New ReportViewer Controls (Part 1 of 2) - 01/31/2006
Avoiding Ambiguity in Math.h functions While Porting from 32-bit to 64-bit - 01/31/2006
Determining Who Has Opened a Shared Folder - 01/31/2006
Access the ValueMember Item in a Bound CheckedListBox - 01/31/2006
Keys to a Successful Virtual Infrastructure Implementation - 01/30/2006
Make A Virtual Machine Your Safe Internet-Browsing Sandbox - 01/30/2006
Prototype Complex Enterprise Solutions with Just Your Workstation - 01/30/2006
The Pros and Cons of Virtual Machines in the Datacenter - 01/30/2006
Virtual Machines: A Logical Evolution of Operating Systems - 01/30/2006
The Right and Wrong Virtual Machine Uses in Development and Testing - 01/30/2006
The Developer's Guide to Building Virtual PCs - 01/30/2006
A Developer's Eye View of Virtual Machines - 01/30/2006
A Link to LINQ - 01/27/2006
Introduction to Tablet PC Development - 01/26/2006
The Modern World of Mobility - 01/26/2006
Welcome Letter from the Tablet PC Team - 01/26/2006
Object Generation: A Better Approach to Hibernate Integration - 01/26/2006
Sun's New Wireless Toolkit Keeps Up with the Mobile Joneses - 01/26/2006
A Fast Way to Create a Large Folder Hierarchy in SharePoint - 01/25/2006
Determine Whether a Given Column Name Is an Identity or Not - 01/25/2006
Protecting Freed Memory - 01/25/2006
Using a Default Button and a Multiline Text Box on the Same Form - 01/25/2006
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