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DevX Archives : April 2006

Using a Java Servlet to Generate Up-To-Date Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets  - 04/28/2006
Domain-specific Modeling: Making Code Generation Complete - 04/27/2006
Creating a Generic Message Display Page for ASP.NET - 04/27/2006
Fast Text Processing in SQL Server - 04/26/2006
Create Reports from Any Data Source Using SQL Server Reporting Services Custom Data Extensions - 04/25/2006
Count the Number of Rows in Two Tables Using a Single Query - 04/25/2006
Class Members that Are Class Objects Must Be Objects of Previously Declared Classes - 04/25/2006
How Do I Know When the "Handshake" Is Over?  - 04/25/2006
Solve Problems when Running ASP.NET Web Applications and Skype Simultaneously - 04/25/2006
Discover Seam and Sew Up Your Java Projects Faster than Ever - 04/24/2006
Object Binding Tips and Tricks - 04/21/2006
Creating 2D Data-bound Applications with XAML and Expression - 04/20/2006
PMD Squashes Code Bugs - 04/20/2006
The Raptor Has Landed: Using Oracle's New Free PL/SQL IDE - 04/18/2006
Code Access Security: When Role-based Security Isn't Enough - 04/18/2006
How to Display ASP.NET DataGrid Data in Excel - 04/18/2006
Great Hackers Make the Worst Developers - 04/18/2006
Generate RTF Word Documents Using a Java Application - 04/18/2006
Display Table Information - 04/18/2006
Yahoo! UI Libraries Target Cross-browser Web Development Woes - 04/17/2006
Using the Ajax.NET Framework - 04/15/2006
Bloated Designs, Over-Architecting, and Refactoring - 04/15/2006
Moving and Downsizing - 04/15/2006
Heard on .NET Rocks!: A Torrent of Cool - 04/15/2006
Developer's Toolkit - 04/15/2006
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