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DevX Archives : July 2006

Discover a New Frontier for .NET Development: Program an LCD Display - 08/01/2006
Improve Code Quality with Unit Testing in Visual Studio Team Edition - 07/28/2006
Store and Retrieve XML from Databases with XSU - 07/27/2006
Escape Metropolis: Bridging the Divide Between Developers and Architects - 07/26/2006
Using XMLSchema DOM and SAX in JAXP 1.2  - 07/25/2006
Changing Column Names in Oracle - 07/25/2006
Add a Fresh Set of Records to a Dataset - 07/25/2006
Quick Ways to Determine a Computer's Name - 07/25/2006
Avoid the Diamond Problem when Using Inheritance in Loops - 07/25/2006
Avoid These Common Business Rule Implementation Mistakes - 07/25/2006
The Baker's Dozen: 13 Productivity Tips for Remoting in Visual Studio 2005 - 07/25/2006
Get Acquainted with the New Advanced Features of JUnit 4 - 07/24/2006
Build a Custom Research Pane for Excel with VSTO - 07/21/2006
Video on a Budget: Two Ways to Deliver Flash - 07/20/2006
The Low-Cost Solution for Serving Crystal Reports from a Java Server - 07/19/2006
Getting Started with Sun Java System RFID  - 07/19/2006
Achieving Synchronicity: A ListBox Double Feature - 07/18/2006
Struts to Stripes—A Road Worth Traveling - 07/18/2006
Get Your Code Flowing Faster with Windows WorkFlow Foundation - 07/17/2006
Nine ASP.NET Site Navigation Problem Solutions: Part 1 - 07/14/2006
Imitate Sealed Classes and Disable Object Copying - 07/13/2006
Google Web Toolkit: AJAX Buzz Meets Real World Development - 07/12/2006
Using Crossfire 6.0 and Visual Studio to Build Blackberry Applications - 07/11/2006
Manipulate the Positioning of Child Forms on MDI Forms - 07/11/2006
Hear a PDF Instead of Reading It - 07/11/2006
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