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DevX Archives : September 2006

Compress Binary Messages Using SQL - 09/30/2006
JUnit Testing Using Java ME JUnit Frameworks - 09/28/2006
Add Drag-and-Drop Magic to Your Web Pages Using Microsoft AJAX Library - 09/28/2006
Eclipse Callisto Project Profile: Web Tools Platform - 09/27/2006
Using Complex Numbers - 09/26/2006
Disable the Standard Window Close (X) Button  - 09/26/2006
Using the unparsed-entity-uri XSLT Function  - 09/26/2006
Using the Logger to Trace JDBC Driver Managers and Drivers - 09/26/2006
Add Continuous Integration Capabilities to Team Foundation Server - 09/26/2006
Putting the VS 2005-Generated Data Access Layer Into Perspective - 09/23/2006
Consuming External Web Services with Microsoft Atlas  - 09/21/2006
Low-Cost High Availability: Simple Database Monitoring in a Windows Environment - 09/20/2006
Object Functions in Use - 09/19/2006
Using Multiline Strings in .NET Resource Files  - 09/19/2006
Create a SAXSource with InputSource and XMLReader  - 09/19/2006
Count the Number of Cells Containing a Specified String in a Worksheet - 09/19/2006
Send E-mail from a Web Form Using WebSphere Application Server and the JavaMail API - 09/19/2006
Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities in .NET Configuration Files - 09/19/2006
Java API Makes Database Metadata as Easily Accessible as POJOs - 09/18/2006
Introducing Domain-specific Languages - 09/16/2006
Make the Right Decision with Our Side-by-Side Comparison of Spring and EJB 3.0, Part 2 - 09/14/2006
Use the std::tr1::function Class to Generalize Callbacks - 09/14/2006
Decorate Your Code with Astonishing Attributes - 09/14/2006
Retrieve Totals from a Dataset Without Looping - 09/13/2006
Removing an Unused Window Service - 09/13/2006
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