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DevX Archives : November 2006

Using Microsoft Robotics Studio to Program Parallax's Boe-Bot - 11/30/2006
How to Backup an SQL Server Database in a Shared Network Location - 11/29/2006
Iterate Through Characters in a String Using String.ToCharArray - 11/29/2006
Build an Entity Resolver to Redirect a SAX Parser  - 11/29/2006
Java SE 6's New Scripting and Compiling Goodies - 11/29/2006
When and How to Use Dispose and Finalize in C# - 11/27/2006
Optimize C++ Code with Member Initializers - 11/22/2006
Replace All Occurences of Numbers in the Input String  - 11/22/2006
Changing User Privileges for an Application - 11/22/2006
Evaluate XQuery Expressions with Java and SAXON 8  - 11/22/2006
Drill-down on Three Major New Modules in Python 2.5 Standard Library - 11/22/2006
Introducing Carbide for Nokia Series 60 Development - 11/21/2006
Get a Bird's Eye View of Your Large Code Bases Using Structure101  - 11/20/2006
Service Orientation: An Essential Component of Enterprise Content Management - 11/17/2006
Decompress Binary Messages Using Directed Graphs - 11/16/2006
Business Process Management: Bridging the Gap between Business and IT - 11/16/2006
Calculate the Angle Between Two Lines  - 11/15/2006
Assign Multiple Styles to an Element Without Burdening Your Browser - 11/15/2006
A .NET Assembly Log Viewer - 11/15/2006
Defining the Cursor Position in a Text Field - 11/15/2006
Get to Know uSTL: A Lightweight STL for Symbian - 11/14/2006
Creating Custom Providers for Enterprise Library - 11/14/2006
Programming Windows Mobile 5.0 Applications Using the .NET Compact Framework - 11/11/2006
Master AJAX Pop-Ups Using the HoverMenuExtender Control - 11/09/2006
Use Delegating Constructors to Eliminate Initialization Code Reduplication - 11/09/2006
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