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DevX Archives : May 2007

All Input Data Is Evil—So Make Sure You Handle It Correctly and with Due Care - 05/31/2007
Using SharePoint Solutions to Deliver Server-Side Solutions - 05/31/2007
Cool New Tools in Windows Mobile 6 - 05/30/2007
Step 1 in Multithreaded XML Transformations (and All Other Programs) - 05/29/2007
Use Semantic Language Tools to Better Understand User Intentions - 05/25/2007
Eliminate SQL Injection Attacks Painlessly with LINQ  - 05/24/2007
Mastering the WPF RichTextBox - 05/23/2007
Introducing XQJ: A Java API for XQuery - 05/23/2007
Choose the Right Web Services Security Solution - 05/22/2007
.NET Rocks!: The Youngest MCP - 05/21/2007
Purporting the Potence of Process - 05/21/2007
Introducing Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 - 05/18/2007
Creating Oracle Table and Column Names that Start with an Underscore - 05/18/2007
Quickly Stop the Build in Your .NET IDE - 05/18/2007
What Image Formats Does Your Java Application Support? - 05/18/2007
Let Semantics Bring Sophistication to Your Applications - 05/18/2007
The Baker's Dozen: 13 Steps for Building an ASP.NET Database Lookup Page - 05/18/2007
Do Newer Processors Equate to Slower Applications? - 05/17/2007
Silverlight: Microsoft Set to Mix It Up in RIA Delivery - 05/16/2007
Best Practices for Date/Time Calculations in SQL Server - 05/16/2007
JavaFX: Sun's Late Start in RIA Race - 05/16/2007
How To Create a Custom Policy Injection Application Block Handler - 05/15/2007
Use Transformations to Draw Your Own Great Graphs - 05/11/2007
Designing Lookless Controls in Windows Presentation Foundation - 05/10/2007
Move Semantics: Make Your Next Move  - 05/10/2007
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