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DevX Archives : September 2007

Testing Tips for When Unit Testing Is Too Hard - 09/28/2007
iPhone Web Development with Ruby on Rails - 09/28/2007
Create Scalable Semantic Applications with Database-Backed RDF Stores - 09/27/2007
Coding Options for Building InfoPath Forms - 09/25/2007
Create a JSF Portlet with Oracle WebCenter Suite and JDeveloper - 09/21/2007
Apply Visual Studio Code Analysis to Beef Up Security - 09/20/2007
Book Excerpt: ASP.NET AJAX in Action - 09/19/2007
Boost Web Service Performance in JAX-WS with Fast Infoset - 09/18/2007
Insert an XML Schema into an XQuery Query - 09/18/2007
Calling an SAP Function Module from Java - 09/18/2007
Show() vs. ShowDialog() in .NET - 09/18/2007
The Baker's Dozen: A 13-Step Crash Course for Using LINQ - 09/17/2007
.NET Building Blocks: Build a Configurable Database Credential Selector - 09/14/2007
Simplifying RDFa Notation - 09/14/2007
Using High-resolution Timers - 09/13/2007
Creating a Windows Mobile Wireless Remote PowerPoint Clicker - 09/13/2007
A Speed Guide to Virtual Driving in Second Life - 09/12/2007
JSP and the Introspection Process - 09/11/2007
Override Base Methods in a Form - 09/11/2007
Make Column Headings Behave as a Fixed Header Row in Excel - 09/11/2007
Building a Web Service Powered JSR 168 Financial Portlet - 09/10/2007
DocBook: Write Once, Read Anywhere Documentation - 09/07/2007
Business Intelligence for the Average Joe: Getting Excel Data into SharePoint 2007 Lists - 09/07/2007
Get Started with Silverlight Using Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend 2 - 09/06/2007
Changing Assembly Versions During Runtime Using the Web.Config File - 09/04/2007
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