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DevX Archives : August 2008

Book Excerpt: Microsoft Expression Blend Unleashed - 08/29/2008
Develop a Mobile RSS Feed the Easy Way - 08/29/2008
State of the Semantic Web: Know Where to Look - 08/27/2008
A 3D Exploration of the HTML Canvas Element - 08/27/2008
Loading Classes Directly from .jar Archives - 08/26/2008
Set the Computer's Name Through .NET - 08/26/2008
Set Multiple Fonts Using Single CFont Object - 08/26/2008
Setting Up and Running Subversion and Tortoise SVN with Visual Studio and .NET - 08/26/2008
Java/JRuby Developers, Say Open 'Sesame' to the Semantic Web - 08/23/2008
Interpreting Images with MRDS Services - 08/21/2008
DevXtra Editors' Blog: Executives Avoiding Cloud Computing in Droves - 08/21/2008
Making XQuery Control Structures Work for You - 08/20/2008
Executives Avoiding Cloud Computing in Droves - 08/20/2008
Overview: C++ Gets an Overhaul - 08/19/2008
Sharpening Your Axis with Visual Basic 9 - 08/19/2008
Easier C++: An Introduction to Concepts - 08/18/2008
Simpler Multithreading in C++0x - 08/18/2008
The State of the Language: An Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup - 08/15/2008
Implementing SOA in the Real World: Insights from the Trenches - 08/14/2008
Find the Java Bugs That Pose a Threat with FindBugs - 08/13/2008
Yahoo! Releases Fire Eagle Out of Beta - 08/13/2008
Generating Generic XForms for OpenOffice - 08/13/2008
Practical Collectivism: LiMo Foundation Strikes Balance Between Community and Commerce - 08/13/2008
Play an MP3 Using Java Media Framework - 08/12/2008
A Quick Way to Obtain the Current Execution Path of an Application - 08/12/2008
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