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DevX Archives : December 2008

The Mono 2.0 Offerings for Debian GNU/Linux. - 01/01/2009
JavaScript and jQuery: Web Apps as Highly Interactive as Desktop Apps - 12/31/2008
Programming with the Microsoft Business Rules Framework - 12/30/2008
Working with DSLs and Computation Expressions in F# - 12/24/2008
An Introduction to the Yahoo! Query Language Platform - 12/24/2008
Have It Your Way - 12/22/2008
Legitimize Your Mobile App: Get It Signed - 12/21/2008
Getting Started with the Twitter API - 12/19/2008
Find and Generate Missing Values in an Access Table - 12/18/2008
Adobe AIR: Running SQL Commands Against a Local Database - 12/17/2008
Changing the Style of a String in JavaScript - 12/16/2008
Encode and Decode URLs Using UTF-8 - 12/16/2008
Flexible and Powerful Data Binding with WPF - 12/16/2008
Laying the Foundation of a Semantic Web Application - 12/12/2008
Smoothly Blending Java and SQL with pureQuery - 12/12/2008
Dispose of Proprietary Threading APIs and Adopt the New C++ Threading Facilities - 12/11/2008
SQL Techniques for Performing Operations on Matrices - 12/11/2008
DevXtra Editors' Blog: The Future of Video Game Development: It's All About Social - 12/09/2008
The Future of Video Game Development: It's All About Social - 12/09/2008
Build Composite WPF Applications - 12/09/2008
Creating an oBAMP Stack: OpenBSD, Apache, MySQL, and PHP - 12/06/2008
Adobe AIR: Bring Web Development to the Desktop Securely - 12/05/2008
Inside the iPhone: Getting Started - 12/04/2008
Measuring Enterprise Architecture’s Value Proposition - 12/03/2008
Calling a SOCKS Proxy Server from Java - 12/03/2008
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