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DevX Archives : June 2009

How User-Centered Design Can Put User Stories in Proper Context - 06/30/2009
Solving Eclipse (Ganymede) and PermGem Out-of-Memory Errors  - 06/30/2009
Add "Copy To Folder" and "Move To Folder" to Windows Explorer's Context Menus - 06/30/2009
Determine Which Session Is Blocking All Users in Oracle - 06/30/2009
Open Any File from Code  - 06/30/2009
How to Build a .NET Solution or Project from a Command Prompt - 06/30/2009
Convert Hashtable Keys or Values into an ArrayList - 06/30/2009
Explore C# 4's New Dynamic Types and Named/Optional Parameters - 06/29/2009
Create a Syslog Sender/Receiver Using the MS Winsock Control - 06/27/2009
Generating Microsoft Office Documents with the Open XML SDK - 06/26/2009
The Three Key Questions for the Future of Java - 06/25/2009
Implement Document Storage and Search on Google Java App Engine - 06/24/2009
Last Week to Submit Your App to Win Cash & Prizes Worth $250,000 - 06/23/2009
Keep Software Simple - 06/22/2009
Simple Script to Run Java Applications on Linux and Windows - 06/22/2009
Determine the Session Waiting for a Shared Resource to be Released - 06/22/2009
Fast Way to Create and Send Email - 06/22/2009
Consuming .NET Web Services from Classic ASP with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit - 06/22/2009
Make Web Requests Programmatically in .NET - 06/22/2009
Use the Visual Studio Watch Window to See Exception Details  - 06/22/2009
Sending E-mail from SQL Server 200X - 06/20/2009
Parsing with Active Patterns in F# - 06/19/2009
Monitoring the Long-Term Health of .NET Applications - 06/17/2009
Agile and UCD: Building the Right Thing, the Right Way - 06/17/2009
How to Store Oracle 10g Log Files in XML - 06/16/2009
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