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DevX Archives : August 2009

Using the DAO Generator for PHP and MySQL - 08/31/2009
Build a Custom WCF Encoder  - 08/28/2009
COM Interop Gets Much Better in C# 4.0  - 08/26/2009
Comparing Constant Strings with String Variables - 08/25/2009
Using SetForegroundWindow on Windows Owned by Other Processes - 08/25/2009
Send Email Over SMTP Aschronously - 08/25/2009
Using the WebClient Class to Download Data to a File - 08/25/2009
Prototyping DSLs in F#: Parsing and Semantic Checking - 08/24/2009
Spring and Hessian for Fast, Easy Java Remoting - 08/22/2009
Using RDFa with DITA and DocBook - 08/20/2009
WPF Wonders: Transformations (and Robots!) - 08/18/2009
Eliminate Boilerplate Code with the PICA Technique for Java - 08/18/2009
Decoding General Compiler Error Messages - 08/15/2009
Using the Triple Equals Sign Operator (===) to Check Variable Type and Value - 08/15/2009
Determining Whether a Site Is Running or a URL Is Valid - 08/15/2009
Get the Name of the Executing ASP.NET Page - 08/15/2009
Global Exception Handling in WPF - 08/15/2009
Quickly Navigate to a CSS Class Definition in Visual Studio - 08/15/2009
Augmented Reality on Android: Prepping the Camera and Compass - 08/15/2009
C++0x Forward Enum Declarations Cut Down Compilation Time and Dependencies - 08/13/2009
iPhone Programming Fundamentals: Understanding View Controllers - 08/12/2009
Accommodating Null Values in SQL Server - 08/12/2009
Avoid Multiple Queries When Querying for Max and Min Values - 08/11/2009
Determining Merge Errors in a Typed DataSet - 08/11/2009
Launching an Asynchronous Operation Using BackgroundWorker - 08/11/2009
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