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DevX Archives : October 2009

Add an Image Command Field to a GridView at Runtime in ASP.NET - 10/31/2009
The Best Way to Hide a Column in a DataGrid - 10/29/2009
The Key XForms Enhancements in Version 1.1 - 10/29/2009
iPhone Programming: Displaying Data with the Table View - 10/27/2009
A Better Way to Retrieve the ID of the Last Inserted Record - 10/27/2009
Static Class Values Are Valid Even Without a Main Method - 10/26/2009
Dynamic Programming Languages on the Rise in Open Source - 10/23/2009
Java/.NET Interoperability: Web Services Aren't Always the Answer - 10/22/2009
Using Iterators in PHP - 10/21/2009
Choosing a Large-Text Data Type for SQL Server Table Columns - 10/21/2009
Use Array Predicates to Simplify Searches  - 10/19/2009
You Can't Teach Expertise - 10/19/2009
Introducing AspectJ, Aspect-Oriented Programming for Java - 10/17/2009
Overcoming the "Most Vexing Parse" Problem - 10/15/2009
Generate Metatags for ASP.NET Pages Dynamically  - 10/15/2009
What If Oracle OpenWorld Did Swallow JavaOne? - 10/14/2009
What If Oracle OpenWorld Did Swallow JavaOne? - 10/13/2009
Create a Page Containing a Two-Column Table with Struts - 10/13/2009
Augmented Reality on Android: Using GPS and the Accelerometer - 10/11/2009
Using Tree(Map,Set) in Collections - 10/09/2009
Building a Simple GridPanel in Ext JS - 10/08/2009
Deploying the CrystalReportViewer Control to a Production Web Site - 10/07/2009
WPF Wonders: Building Control Templates - 10/06/2009
Project Lombok: Put an End to Java Verbosity - 10/06/2009
A Guide to Determine When You Need a Java Interface - 10/05/2009
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