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DevX Archives : May 2010

Investing in the Cloud: Evolution, Not Revolution - 05/29/2010
Media Companies Side with Flash in Fight with Apple - 05/29/2010
Securing the Emerging Smart Grid - 05/29/2010
iPhone: Using a Tab Bar App with a Navigation Controller - 05/28/2010
Mayor Bloomberg Touts New York as Next Tech Mecca - 05/27/2010
SF AppShow Gives Developers Leg Up On Competition - 05/27/2010
Ruby on Rails 3.0 Moves Nearer Release - 05/27/2010
Adobe Releases HTML5 Pack for Dreamweaver - 05/26/2010
Referencing External Configuration Files in .NET - 05/26/2010
Top 10 Android 2.2 Features Developers Can't Wait to Use - 05/25/2010
An Open API from MasterCard? Priceless - 05/25/2010
Google's New Predictive API Gives Cloud Developers a Big Boost - 05/25/2010
Featured Tip: Convert a PPT File into an Image or HTML File in .NET - 05/25/2010
Convert a PPT File into an Image or HTML File in .NET - 05/25/2010
Is Android Destined to Be the Windows of Mobile Computing? - 05/24/2010
Software Architecture: Propping Up a House of Cards - 05/24/2010
Microsoft Offers Developers New Outlook Tools Under Apache Open-source License - 05/24/2010
SAP Seeks Agile On A Mammoth Scale - 05/22/2010
Google Rolls Out IT-Friendly Android OS Upgrade - 05/22/2010
Google Programming Frankenstein Is A Go - 05/22/2010
Programmatically Retrieve a System's Logical Drive Information with C# - 05/21/2010
Social Standards: Understanding Google's New APIs for Buzz - 05/21/2010
Engineers Riff on the Joys of Management at Google I/O - 05/21/2010
New SDK Enables iPhone Application Development on Windows - 05/21/2010
Google Confirms Android, Chrome Will Merge - 05/21/2010
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