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DevX Archives : August 2010

Sued by Oracle, Google Shuns JavaOne - 09/01/2010
Getting Started With Scrum Development - 08/31/2010
Top Six (and a Half) Free Windows Text Editors that are Better Than Notepad - 08/30/2010
Can Work on an Open Source Map Project Make Money for its Founders? - 08/28/2010
The State of the Art in Mobile Web Application Development - 08/26/2010
Is App Piracy Higher on the iPad? - 08/26/2010
How to Use the Visual Studio Code Analysis Tool FxCop  - 08/26/2010
Should Developers Have Access to Production Servers? - 08/25/2010
Flurry's AppCircle Rewards Lets Developers Pay Users for App Downloads - 08/25/2010
Top 10 Tips For Marketing a Startup or Web Product - 08/25/2010
The Real Cost of Cloud Computing - 08/24/2010
The Need for Education vs. Training in Software Development - 08/23/2010
Developers Unhappy Over Oracle Android Suit - 08/21/2010
Orleans: Microsoft's Next-Generation Programming Model for the Cloud - 08/21/2010
Developers Buy Entire Stock Of Google Nexus One - 08/21/2010
A Peak at Technology's Future -- Augmented Reality - 08/21/2010
Net Neutrality: Threat or Menace? - 08/20/2010
Android Developers Bemoan Paid App Limits - 08/19/2010
Yahoo Kills SearchMonkey, Rolls Back BOSS, Says YQL Will Live - 08/19/2010
Chrome Web Store Slated For October Launch - 08/19/2010
IBM Beefs Up Rational Power Appliance Family  - 08/18/2010
Why Use Agile Development in Your Company? - 08/18/2010
Useful UML Modeling: UML for Project Managers - 08/17/2010
What CTOs Can Learn From John Chambers - 08/16/2010
So What Is a Windows Azure Appliance Anyway? - 08/13/2010
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