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DevX Archives : October 2010

Adobe Takes Aim at Customer Experience Management - 10/30/2010
Why Your Proprietary Software and Your Open Source Software Need Separate Brand Names - 10/29/2010
Security Startups Become Hot Acquisiton Targets - 10/28/2010
Sprint to Kick Off Mobile Web App Initiative - 10/27/2010
New Programming Language Weaves Security Into Code - 10/27/2010
Tech Firm Survey Finds Dearth of Qualified Mobile Developers - 10/27/2010
10 Types of Employees (or Partners) to Avoid - 10/26/2010
Where Are the Programmers Who Defined the Technology Industry Now? - 10/22/2010
Microsoft Offloads IronRuby and IronPython Languages to External Developers - 10/22/2010
The Big List of All the App Stores - 10/22/2010
IDC: Software as a Service on a 'Tear' - 10/22/2010
Why Developers Should Pay Attention to Node.js - 10/22/2010
Apple Posts Guidelines for Mac App Store - 10/22/2010
App Store Will Increase Competition in Mac Software - 10/22/2010
Resource Sharing, Part I: An Architect's Perspective - 10/22/2010
Agile Techniques: When and How to Conduct a Code Review - 10/21/2010
Denim Group's CSRF e-Learning Module Offered for Free - 10/20/2010
Microsoft Goes Deeper into the Cloud with Office 365 - 10/19/2010
Intel Ups its Software Game to Attack Mobile Market - 10/19/2010
Cloud Customers: Don't Worry About Standards Yet - 10/18/2010
Google Improves App Engine SDK - 10/16/2010
In-App Purchases Generate More Revenue than Ads - 10/16/2010
RIM Tries Harder on Apps - 10/16/2010
How Attributes Can Help You Debug an App - 10/16/2010
Useful UML Modeling: Simplify the UML? - 10/14/2010
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