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Our Top 10 Tips for Classic ASP : Page 6

Tidy up your server-side programming techniques with these 10 great tricks for classic ASP.

Quibbling with Quotes in SQL Queries

How many times have you fumbled with this issue: you try to create a valid SQL statement concatenating a field value that the user has entered on his HTML form. However, the presence of an apostrophe (as in the name O'Brian) or double quotes fouls up your SQL string in VB Script. Find out how to avoid this problem.

I have a problem with the add and update query in SQL. I am trying to update the database with a string which contains one or more apostrophes. SQL reads it like a syntax in query and gives an error message. What I can do? Are there other text delimiters? I have tried "",[], or {} or double apostrophe without success.

Before sending data to your SQL Server, convert all your apostrophes (') in data to double apostrophes ('').

So, if a user name is O'Brian then in your SQL Statement, the apostrophe will cause a problem:

Update Table Set NameField = 'O'Brian'

Instead, you need to convert it to double apostrophes:

Update Table Set NameField = 'O''Brian' 

To convert single apostrophes to double, use the Replace function.

strName = Replace(strName, "'" , "''" )

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