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More articles by A. Russell Jones, Executive Editor

Author Bio
A. Russell Jones is the Executive Editor at DevX. Reach him by e-mail here.
For .NET Zone | March 26, 2004
Announcements at this year's VSLive! conference make it clear that productivity and development-speed enhancements are the new competitive landscape.
For Editorials and Opinions | January 21, 2004
Find out why thinking of yourself as nothing more than a mouse may be your best defense against malicious Web-borne attacks and unwanted marketing.
For XML Zone | December 17, 2003
From interprocess communications to file systems to operating systems, XML is a magic elixir that provides new possibilities and solves a host of ailments. XML is becoming instrumental in areas that you may never have even considered before.
For .NET Zone | September 18, 2003
Learn to use Word automation from .NET to turn hard-to-process Word documents into customizable XML
For .NET Zone | September 3, 2003
Competing with Visual Studio is not a simple task, but Borland's C#Builder succeeds by extending the IDE concept to fully embrace not only coding and debugging tasks, but also enterprise-level planning, design and optimization tasks, multiple relational databases, and tools that help .NET developers interact with J2EE components and applications.
For Open Source Zone | August 13, 2003
One of the major roadblocks for Unix was the lack of one single standardized platform for applications. Linux seems to be following along the same line, although on a different parallel. To compete head-to-head with Microsoft, Linux advocates should standardize the platform.
For Open Source Zone | August 6, 2003
Microsoft did its best to prevent mainstream adoption of open source software, but the battle is all but lost. Microsoft's next move must be to port its tools and applications and set developers free to build the future on both platforms.
For VB Zone | July 23, 2003
Pundits are still predicting an uncertain future for VB, showing a complete misunderstanding of the issues that make a programming language popular and ignoring the very spirit of VB itself.
For XML Zone | June 23, 2003
Now it's easier than ever to find out what's new at DevX. This article will show you two simple ways of pulling links to new DevX content into your own sites using an XML standard called RSS . Get started with one of our feeds today, or use these techniques to pull in feeds from all over the Net.
For DevX | June 4, 2003
Attitudes at Tech·Ed this week seem to reflect the IT industry at large, with vendors focusing on defensive, reactionary maneuvers in place of aggressive new capabilities. However, it makes it easier to spot major diamonds, like Microsoft's SharePoint Services, the biggest advance in Web development since ASP.
For Web Development Zone | June 3, 2003
Tabs and toolbar search top the list of must-have features in Firefox that put the catch-up ball finally back in Microsoft's court.
For DevX | May 27, 2003
For millions of VB programmers, VBScript provided an easy entry into Web programming, but limited client-side VBScript support and the continued absence of a VBScript.NET should serve as an early warning for VBScript aficionados. Get out while the getting's good.
For .NET Zone | March 26, 2003
Although Windows Forms configuration files are read-only within the framework, they become dynamic XML databases when you create this AppSettingsManager class.
For Wireless Zone | March 17, 2003
You're about to be drafted into the mobile development army. Users' and organizations' needs are outflanking IT's defenses. Why is this happening? And when the battle comes to your regiment, will you be armed for success?
For DevX | February 19, 2003
WebSphere Portal now brings Java developers the kind of ease of use known mainly in the Microsoft development world. Future developments from IBM include use of JavaScript to improve form interactivity and possible integration with Eclipse for creating rich-client front ends.
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