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More articles by Adam Granicz

Author Bio
Adam Granicz is the CEO of IntelliFactory, the primary place for F# development, training and consulting services, and the coauthor of Expert F#, the most comprehensive guide on F# coauthored with Don Syme, the designer of the language. He has done research in functional programming languages and holds a Masters degree from the California Institute of Technology.
For .NET Zone | August 24, 2009
To build a domain specific language, you need a quick and effective prototyping process that can parse your language syntax and perform semantic checking.
For .NET Zone | June 19, 2009
Discover how to use F#'s active patterns to build prototype parsers that you can test interactively.
For Enterprise Zone | December 24, 2008
Using domain-specific languages (DSLs) and F# computation expressions will save you from writing UI code. Find out how.
For Enterprise Zone | September 30, 2008
Learn how to use common object-oriented techniques in F# so that various shapes know how to calculate their own perimeter.
For .NET Zone | August 6, 2008
Functional programming with F# is much more than writing good code. It is about enjoying writing code quickly and effectively.
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