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More articles by Alessandro Lacava

Author Bio
Alessandro Lacava is a software designer and developer. At the moment, he is mainly interested in functional programming and languages such as Scala, Haskell and the like. He also has fun playing with Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs).
For Enterprise Zone | March 24, 2015
Learn how to design and implement an internal domain-specific language (DSL).
For Enterprise Zone | February 20, 2015
Learn more about Scala, a programming language that supports both object-oriented and functional paradigms.
For Web Development Zone | March 28, 2008
Learn how to integrate Script.aculo.us web controls into your web applications to make the end-user experience more pleasant.
For Web Development Zone | July 17, 2007
Learn how to leverage the Google Gadget API to make your web applications more reachable. As an example, you'll see how to build a real-world gadget that fetches and displays the DevX feeds.
For AJAX Framework Roundup | December 5, 2006
Learn how to leverage the popular Prototype JavaScript framework to speed up your AJAX-based development. You'll see how to use JavaScript in an object-oriented way.
For Web Development Zone | October 6, 2006
Find out how to improve your Web application performance by leveraging AJAX and JSON. In particular, you'll see the advantages of using JSON over XML as a lightweight JavaScript data-interchange format.
For Java Zone | August 2, 2006
In this article you'll see how to make the three technologies work together by developing a simple and useful application that lets you update a multi-user blog and download the latest posts from it.
For .NET Zone | November 3, 2005
Tired of trying to keep your documentation synchronized with the source? You can help alleviate the problem by creating professional documentation directly from the built-in XML documentation features of the C# language using the brilliant NDoc open-source application.
For Wireless Zone | June 14, 2005
J2ME and PHP are both powerful technologies used to develop applications for mobile devices and Web applications, respectively. In this article, you'll see how to make them work together by developing a simple and useful application that retrieves the latest news from the Web and displays that on a mobile device.
For .NET Zone | December 9, 2004
Steganography is a way to protect information by hiding it "in plain sight" within other types of digital content. Steganography complements rather than replaces encryption by adding another layer of security—it's much more difficult to decrypt a message if you don't know that there is a message. See how to leverage .NET to create steganographic techniques that hide encrypted information inside common digital data files.
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