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More articles by Alex Genadinik

Author Bio
Alex Genadinik is a software engineer, SEO expert, and serial entrepreneur. He is currently working on a social site for hikers.
For Web Development Zone | August 20, 2011
Get the Facebook login button to work together with your site's existing user and session management while maintaining the site's security level.
For Web Development Zone | July 14, 2011
A Java developer successfully built his own Web business but made some mistakes along the way. He lists his 10 biggest engineering gaffes so you know what to avoid.
For Enterprise Zone | June 7, 2011
Get a first-hand account an ultra lean software development implemention from a start-up entrepreneur.
For Enterprise Zone | February 18, 2011
Here are the ultimate 10 traits that every modern software engineer should embody.
For DevX | February 10, 2011
Software engineers can lose themselves in solving difficult and abstract challenges. Here are 20 indicators that it's time to take a break.
For Web Development Zone | January 27, 2011
This article covers some of the early techniques and strategies to help your startup be well positioned to receive the initial round of investment.
For Enterprise Zone | January 11, 2011
How to fund your company through investment, the company's own revenues, angel investors and other ways.
For DevX | January 4, 2011
Neophyte sites should be realistic in their goals, focus on building trust and crank up the social media campaign.
For Enterprise Zone | December 20, 2010
Alex Genadinik explains why the biggest trends included Facebook, Twitter, mobile, Groupon and the growing uncertainty in some technology sectors.
For Architecture Zone | December 16, 2010
Bringing a product into the marketplace is just the first step on a long and arduous journey to make the product liked, respected, actually used by people on a consistent basis.
For Enterprise Zone | December 8, 2010
Alex Genadinik covers some of the key roles, skills, and company-culture aspects that should be considered when you're putting together your founding team.
For Enterprise Zone | December 1, 2010
Some people tend to focus on the glamorous part of starting and running a business, and they don't pay close enough attention to the difficult parts like 80-plus-hour work weeks, no vacation, and family life complications.
For Architecture Zone | November 10, 2010
Alex Genadinik applied his development suggestions on a new group hiking site he launched and can now share his findings.
For Web Development Zone | November 3, 2010
We present the top ways to quickly make gains in search engine optimization.
For Enterprise Zone | October 26, 2010
Choose wisely among the people and positions that should be hired to preserve the efficiency of a project or startup.
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