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More articles by Alex Hildyard

Author Bio
Alex Hildyard is a freelance software consultant and writer, specializing in Web technology.
For .NET Zone | November 19, 2004
TierDeveloper 4.0 provides robust and intelligent O/R mapping capabilities, but its application-generation features fall short of the mark.
For .NET Zone | November 3, 2004
You don't have to wait for Longhorn to explore the benefits of Avalon, the runtime engine that underpins its presentation tier. Xamlon, the most mature third-party implementation of Avalon, lets you build XAML-based applications right now.
For .NET Zone | October 1, 2004
It's tempting to use GDI+'s GetThumbnailImage method when you need to manipulate the size of images in your applications, but you'll pay for it with image degradation. There's a better way. Use the ResizeImage API in this article to do whatever you like with images and never drop a pixel (unless you want to).
For Web Development Zone | May 11, 2004
The asynchronous download ability built into today's browser DOMs is a great way of getting image-heavy pages to build faster, but it doesn't mesh well with JavaScript's single-threading execution model. Use our image cache API to build scripts that work hand-in-hand with asynchronous objects and their events.
For .NET Zone | April 7, 2004
Writing your own search engine isn't as difficult as you might think. If you customarily wrestle with Explorer's seemingly unconfigurable "Search for Files and Folders" or squint helplessly for light at the end of the dark tunnel that is Visual Studio.NET's integrated help system, then you'll probably understand where the impetus for this article originated.
For .NET Zone | March 29, 2004
When standards change, your development efforts must often change with them. But change doesn't always have to be painful. If you're trying to upgrade your HTML pages to the latest standards, fix unclosed tags, find and fix deprecated features, and format all your Web pages consistently, HTML Tidy is just what the doctor ordered.
For .NET Zone | February 7, 2004
The .NET framework contains everything you need to build this customizable line-graphing application that supports multiple overlaid data sets, each with its own color and line style. Unless you need extremely sophisticated charts, just draw your own.
For .NET Zone | November 19, 2003
Adding drag and drop support to your TreeView control needn't be taxing. With XML and Xpath, you can get most of that support for free.
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