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More articles by Alex Kozak

Author Bio
Alex Kozak is a senior DBA/analyst working for SAP Canada. He has more than 15 years of database and programming experience. Microsoft has included some of his articles in the MSDN Library.
For Database Development Zone | December 11, 2008
SQL does not support direct operations on matrices, but it does allow easy manipulations with matrices. Learn a few SQL techniques for performing some basic operations on matrices.
For Database Development Zone | May 16, 2007
When can you use arithmetic operators in date/time calculations in SQL Server? When are the date/time functions provided by Microsoft the better option? Follow a few scenarios that demonstrate when arithmetic operators are safe and when they are risky.
For Database Development Zone | February 21, 2007
Learn how to build date generators without loops using SQL, and some useful techniques to help you manipulate date and time data.
For Database Development Zone | November 16, 2006
When you're faced with a number of possible solutions to a problem, determining the optimal one is a critical task. Follow a practical example for optimization tasks using stored procedures and graphs.
For Database Development Zone | September 30, 2006
Data compression is a great method for maximizing data storage space and making data communication faster. However, compression and decompression of binary data sometimes can be quite tricky. Learn a few useful data-compression techniques.
For Database Development Zone | July 10, 2006
Programming is not only remembering classes or utilities. Developing logical programming skills is just as important. See how you can hone your SQL skills by solving an abstract numbers problem.
For Database Development Zone | May 23, 2006
You can build very powerful and flexible text-formatting solutions in SQL Server. Learn how to apply techniques that handle the simplest to the more complex text-formatting tasks.
For Database Development Zone | April 26, 2006
Processing text or long strings usually reduces SQL to a prosaic procedural language. Learn a few techniques for facilitating speedy text processing in SQL.
For Database Development Zone | March 22, 2006
Traditionally, database performance has been represented by the speed of data retrieval, but that is not always the case. In some situations, database performance relies on the speed of data inserts.
For Database Development Zone | February 28, 2006
Learn X-to-Y and Y-to-X axis transformation techniques for showing a table's row vertically or its column horizontally—no special operators or loops needed.
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