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More articles by Alexander Kuznetsov

Author Bio
Alexander Kuznetsov has over 10 years of experience in database design, development, troubleshooting, and administration. Currently, he works with DRW Trading Group and concentrates on database design, development, and performance improvements.
For Database Development Zone | May 3, 2007
The only way to guarantee that your business rules are always enforced for all your data is by using constraints. Learn how to use them to enforce business rules in the database.
For Database Development Zone | November 2, 2006
The benefits of SQL Server 2005's new snapshot isolation feature are well known, but SQL Server developers also need to understand the downstream ramifications of snapshot isolation.
For Database Development Zone | October 20, 2006
The same ANSI Standard SQL query can run against identical data on SQL Server and Oracle and return different results. So just because your application issues ANSI standard SQL, don't assume it's portable.
For Database Development Zone | July 25, 2006
Some solutions for implementing business rules can allow invalid data to get into the database. Find out where the loopholes lie in these all-too-common approaches.
For Database Development Zone | March 3, 2006
Using an index on a computed column, you can implement complex business rules or just give your SQL Server queries a performance boost.
For Database Development Zone | December 14, 2005
Learn coding techniques to tweak your SQL queries so that SQL Server sorts less data and returns much faster.
For Database Development Zone | October 21, 2005
Index covering is a quick and easy solution to many query performance problems. By just adding a column or two to an index you can significantly boost a query's performance.
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