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More articles by Andrew Georgopulos, SQL Server Pro

Author Bio
Drew Georgopulos is the Database Architect for GoAmerica Communications. He moonlights as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Marymount College of Fordham University in Tarrytown, NY teaching systems analysis and relational database design. He holds a certification in systems analysis and relational design from Columbia University, has presented at SQL Connections on SQLDMO, and is a member of the Worldwide Institute of Software Architects.
For Get Help | July 1, 2002
This article describes how to apply locking, coding, and transaction management in a way that strikes the correct balance between concurrency and integrity while avoiding deadlocks.
For Get Help | June 1, 2002
The article describes how to avoid out-of-space errors with the appropriate setup, sizing, and maintenance to keep logs from growing out of control. You'll also learn how to set up monitoring facilities that will catch unexpected errors for you.
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