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More articles by Andrew Troelsen

Author Bio
Andrew Troelsen is a .NET trainer and consultant for Intertech Training, a .NET and J2EE education and development company. He is the best-selling author of numerous books on .NET and COM (including the award winning C# and the .NET Platform) and speaks at numerous corporate and academic conferences around the country.
For Open Source Zone | August 30, 2006
Learn to use the native Gtk# GUI toolkit to build Mono-based desktop applications today.
For Open Source Zone | August 3, 2006
Choosing to develop for Mono no longer means that you're also have to throw away the advantages that integrated IDEs provide. Instead, you have a wide—and growing—range of Mono IDE options.
For Open Source Zone | June 22, 2006
Microsoft's .NET Framework CLI implementation isn't the only CLI development game in town. The Mono project is both surprisingly mature, and surprisingly compatible—and you can deliver applications built on it to multiple platforms, including Windows.
For .NET Zone | May 30, 2006
Find out how to use reflection to build real-world extensible applications that accept snap-in modules from third-party developers.
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