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More articles by Anthony Glenwright

Author Bio
Anthony Glenwright is the Product Development Manager at Inventua for TrueTeam, a collaboration tool which manages and integrates the workflows of running a successful software organization. You can contact him through his Web site at www.inventua.com or directly.
For .NET Zone | March 23, 2005
Whether you're using the Platform Tests to qualify for the Microsoft Certified Partner Program or just to prove that your Windows application makes the grade, following the preparation steps in this article can help.
For .NET Zone | September 25, 2004
Building reports is often easier than getting them into users' hands and making sure they're used correctly, but now you can use the SQL Server Reporting Services Web service to automate deployment and control execution of reports.
For Database Development Zone | July 9, 2004
With the release of SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft finally makes a commitment to developer-centric reporting. They've integrated the design-time environment integration with Visual Studio and enabled report delivery through Web browsers, PDFs, Excel, and XML. Learn how to make this tool work for you.
For .NET Zone | April 26, 2004
When it comes to installations, automation beats manual intervention hands-down every time. Learn how to build custom installer classes to automate setup tasks that Visual Studio setup projects don't handle automatically.
For .NET Zone | October 24, 2003
Don't content yourself with the attributes that are built in to .NET. Write custom attributes to add your own meta-data to properties, methods, classes, and other program elements, giving you fine-grain control.
For .NET Zone | February 13, 2003
Use .NET's ability to embed XML files, icons, graphics—anything you want—directly into your assemblies.
For .NET Zone | November 19, 2002
Use the class library described in this article to add automatic upgrading to your .NET application.
For Web Development Zone | October 21, 2002
Use HTML Application (HTA) files to provide an impressive and functional CD launcher for your applications.
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