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More articles by Anthony Williams

Author Bio
Anthony Williams is the Technical Director for Just Software Solutions Ltd., where he spends most of his time developing custom software for clients, mostly for Windows, and mostly C++. He is the maintainer of the Boost Thread library and is also a member of the BSI C++ Standards Panel. His latest book, "C++ Concurrency in Action: Practical Multithreading" is currently available in the Early Access Edition from Manning's web site.
For C++ Zone | September 11, 2009
Find out what dangers race conditions in general and C++0x data races in particular pose to your concurrent code, as well as the strategies for avoiding them.
For C++ Zone | April 25, 2009
Templates are one of the most powerful features in C++, and variadic templates make them even more powerful. Variadic templates in the C++0x standard library can greatly simplify the writing of type-safe code with variable numbers of arguments.
For Devx Special Reports | August 18, 2008
The new standard will support multithreading, with a new thread library. Find out how this will improve porting code, and reduce the number of APIs and syntaxes you use.
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