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More articles by Antonio Goncalves

Author Bio
Antonio Goncalves is a senior architect specialized in Java/J2EE. Former BEA consultant he now helps insurance, finance and telecommunication clients set up their architectures. He also teaches J2EE at CNAM University in Paris.
For Java Zone | March 27, 2007
Learn how to get an XML document from your Java object model using JAXB 2. With annotations, you can also customize the document and use adapters to format data.
For Java Zone | March 5, 2007
In this follow-up to an earlier article on the Java Persistence API, learn how to use JPA to map inheritance, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships. And learn to use the query language (JPQL) to query concrete and abstract classes.
For Java Zone | February 1, 2007
In this article you will learn how to persist objects using the Java Persistence API (JPA), customize their mapping with annotations, and create a one-to-one relationship. Using the entity lifecycle you will control persistency and use the query language (JPQL) to query your objects.
For Java Zone | July 24, 2006
Learn how to migrate from JUnit 3.8 to JUnit 4. Discover version 4's new features, including extensive use of annotations, and find out the status on IDE integration.
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