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More articles by Ari Zilka

Author Bio
Ari Zilka is founder and CEO of Terracotta, a developer of solutions for Java scalability.
For Java Zone | January 11, 2007
POJO clustering at the JVM level not only provides a simple way for applications to achieve scale-out, but also sets the stage for a stack of enterprise-scale services and practices based on simple POJOs—the POJO container.
For Java Zone | October 3, 2006
Stateful application design is just what Java developers need for clustering HTTP sessions. It is easier to code to, more scalable, and more cost effective, and by combining it with network-attached memory, developers can avoid Java serialization while storing state in a central place.
For Java Zone | April 14, 2006
The typical three-tier architecture keeps the code Java developers need for clustering inside the business logic, making clustering a real chore. Clustering at the JVM level makes Java applications easier to write and cheaper to run.
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