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Author Bio
Art Sedighi -- Contributing Editor, Cloud, HPC and Grid -- is a freelance writer and IT consultant. Mr. Sedighi was the CTO and founder of SoftModule and held the senior consulting engineer position at DataSynapse. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Computer Science, both from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
For Architecture Zone | March 17, 2011
Development teams must think hard about these four aspects of cloud computing before they start the development process.
For Enterprise Zone | March 4, 2011
You've heard all the buzz about cloud computing, but how do you actually get started with a cloud service like Amazon EC2.
For Architecture Zone | February 4, 2011
Amazon Web Services is the umbrella of services provided by the company, under which Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 are found.
For Architecture Zone | December 16, 2010
SSI makes perfect sense for some, but this greatness comes at a great cost: years of work.
For Architecture Zone | November 4, 2010
The decision on how an infrastructure is setup and configured must be decided collectively between the two parties.
For Enterprise Zone | October 22, 2010
Keep in mind that resource sharing might not be for everyone, and that resources must be shared only between users with complementary workloads.
For Architecture Zone | September 24, 2010
In parallel and distributed environments, developers must know how the infrastructure is set up and configured to take advantage of what's actually available.
For Architecture Zone | September 13, 2010
You may want to mix and match attributes to build your enterprise environment.
For Web Development Zone | August 24, 2010
If you are expecting spikes that you are unable to predict or provision for, a cloud approach makes sense.
For Enterprise Zone | August 6, 2010
What we call cloud computing has been around for a number of years now. It has a new name, new slogan, but it's been here all along.
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