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Beth Massi is an online content and community program manager on the Visual Studio Community Team at Microsoft, responsible for producing content for business application developers and driving community features onto MSDN Developer Centers. She also produces content on her blog, the VB Team blog and Channel 9. As a VB community champion and a long-time member of the Microsoft community she also helps with the San Francisco East Bay .NET user group and is a frequent speaker at various software development events. Before Microsoft, she was a senior architect at a health care software product company and a Microsoft Solutions Architect MVP. Over the last decade she has worked on distributed applications and frameworks, web, and Windows-based applications using Microsoft development tools in a variety of businesses. She loves teaching, hiking, mountain biking, and modifying cars.
For CoDe Magazine | August 19, 2008
Visual Basic 9 completely eliminates the barrier between the code you write and the XML you're trying to express. Creating, querying, and transforming XML is much more intuitive and productive than ever before.
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