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Author Bio
Bill Xie is a .NET solution architect, hands-on developer, and software consultant based in southern California. He has extensive experience developing Web applications, Windows applications, and distributing applications in different types of industries including insurance, financial services, and IT management. He has had articles published in CoDe Magazine, on DevX, asp.netPRO, ASPToday, and The Code Project.
For CoDe Magazine | June 26, 2007
Custom classes and collections are often better choices than using a DataSet or DataTable, because they're truly object oriented, letting developers employ robust OOP programming techniques.
For CoDe Magazine | October 13, 2006
Although .NET 2.0 has been released, many applications are still running under .NET 1.x. The technique presented in this article is based on .NET 1.x, but you can easily port it to .NET 2.0.
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