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More articles by Bob DuCharme

Author Bio
Bob DuCharme, a solutions architect at Innodata Isogen, was an XML "expert" when XML was a four-letter word. He's written four books and nearly 100 on-line and print articles about information technology without using the word "functionality" in any of them. See his blog at snee.com/bobdc.blog for more.
For Semantic Web Zone | August 20, 2009
Learn how to add RDFa metadata to DITA and DocBook documents, how to keep those documents valid, and what advantages this technique can bring to a DITA- or DocBook-based publishing system.
For Web Development Zone | January 6, 2009
Twitter API libraries are available for most popular programming languages, and they're opening up new possibilities for publishing information. Explore a short Python script that tweets when the Dow Jones Industrial Average (or any stock or index you like) makes a big jump.
For Web Development Zone | December 19, 2008
Twitter's API lets you read and write Twitter messages with minimal coding in nearly any programming language. In fact, you can use this Application Programming Interface without doing any programming.
For Semantic Web Zone | July 29, 2008
Using the W3C OWL ontology standard lets you get more out of all kinds of data. Find out how this standard and some free software lets you query two databases as if they were one.
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