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More articles by Bob Maksimchuk

Author Bio
Bob Maksimchuk is a systems engineer, author, speaker, and principal consultant at Project Pragmatics, LLC., specializing in helping software development teams get work done by introducing practical techniques, streamlined process, and focused training and mentoring. Twitter: @BobMaksimchuk
For Architecture Zone | November 15, 2010
By splitting compound roles your models will provide a clearer and more representative picture of who does what and when.
For Architecture Zone | October 14, 2010
Simplifying is a hot topic, but Robert Maksimchuk submits that we are already simplifying the UML in our respective projects through self-selection.
For Architecture Zone | September 16, 2010
Use case maturity depends on a detailed elaboration of your plan.
For Architecture Zone | August 17, 2010
The UML is not just a great tool for requirements elicitation, analysis and design: it also can help the project manager to effectively plan and direct the development cycle.
For Architecture Zone | July 28, 2010
Communicating clearly what the business wants and how the requirements stack up are critical for project success.
For Architecture Zone | July 8, 2010
Avoid overuse and misuse of the "include" and "extend" relationships.
For Architecture Zone | June 18, 2010
Misconceptions include: UML is only for software development and if you use it, you automatically get software reuse.
For Architecture Zone | May 18, 2010
Using a common language is about facilitating the team -- resist the urge to create the next Tower of Babel.
For Architecture Zone | May 1, 2010
Welcome to DevX's new series on the Unified Modeling Language, where we get back to basics and help make modeling more practical and useful for you.
For Enterprise Zone | April 20, 2010
Like the frequent complaint on summer road trips, some software development shops are eager to wear agile development as a badge.
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