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More articles by Bob Reselman

Author Bio
Bob Reselman has written numerous books and articles about computer programming and topics related to software development. Presently Bob is a Technical Process Architect at Edmunds Inc. Edmunds Inc. is a leading publisher of high volume, high availability, state of the art, Java based Web sites dedicated to empowering the automotive consumer. Experience Edmunds technology by visiting, www.Edmunds.com and www.InsideLine.com.
For Architecture Zone | October 13, 2010
Relying solely on process in the manufacturing of the ideas that are core to the practice of software development is not enough.
For Enterprise Zone | August 23, 2010
When it comes to getting people smarter, there is a fundamental misconception in play in the corporate world.
For Architecture Zone | June 22, 2010
Understanding the messages we accept regarding technical proficiency plays an important role in the making of great software.
For Open Source Zone | April 8, 2010
It's not about lines of code. It's about a code of conduct that encourages contributions to the community.
For Enterprise Zone | March 16, 2010
Getting an idea from conception to implementation can be a disheartening experience in any company.
For Enterprise Zone | February 23, 2010
One of the hardest things to do in life is to express your ideas to another person. While good communication skills are a 'nice to have' for most human interaction, when it comes to making software, they're crucial.
For Enterprise Zone | February 8, 2010
How to use Critical Conversation Cards to review and improve an idea under consideration with the help of a moderator.
For Enterprise Zone | February 5, 2010
Using Critical Conversation Cards can be a step toward bringing predictability and efficiency to design and review sessions.
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