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More articles by Bogdan Zamfir

Author Bio
Bogdan Zamfir has a Master's degree in Computer Science and has been working as an independent consultant and software developer since 1993. He develops both web and desktop applications, using various languages and platforms including C#, VB.NET, Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and C/C++. Visit his web site for more information.
For .NET Zone | January 21, 2010
We continue our tutorial on building your own content management system.
For .NET Zone | January 19, 2010
If full-featured CMSs don't meet your company's needs, find out how to build your own.
For .NET Zone | September 10, 2009
Menus are basic components of any application. A well-designed menuing framework should be flexible, customizable for both look-and-feel and functionality, and easy to integrate into applications.
For .NET Zone | August 7, 2009
Flexible software systems require a foundation that supplies the basic system services that's easy for developers to use, yet powerful enough to support complex and flexible systems—in other words, a framework.
For .NET Zone | April 2, 2009
If full-featured commercial CMSs don't meet your organization's needs, find out how to build your own.
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