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More articles by Boris Eligulashvili

For Enterprise Zone | February 17, 2015
Learn more about debugging of Input/Key related commands and events.
For .NET Zone | November 5, 2014
Learn more about the challenges that software developers face when fields are changed to properties in C#.
For Security Zone | May 6, 2014
This article presents a programmatic solution to the problem based on adding permissions to the files.
For .NET Zone | November 27, 2008
Splash screens are a prerequisite for a professional-looking application. Learn how to manage their lifecycles in order to avoid throwing errors.
For .NET Zone | September 6, 2008
Find out how to avoid the kind of resource consumption that impedes your application's performance or even stops it from working altogether.
For .NET Zone | June 3, 2008
When the C# compiler compiles the binary + operator with at least one operand of type string, it causes problems with your <totalNumber>. Find out how to manipulate your strings around this bug.
For C++ Zone | July 13, 2007
Learn how to catch floating-point exceptions in C\C++ code.
For String Manipulation | May 3, 2006
Learn how to escape sequences in .NET resource files.
For Windows Forms | April 12, 2006
When you add an existing Windows Form to another (target) project, it may fail to be opened by the VS.Net Designer in your target project. This tip explains why and how to prevent this from happening.
For Windows Forms | December 12, 2005
Find out how to hide a ContextMenu.
For Controls | October 19, 2005
In some cases, the results of the use of the DateTimePicker control can be confused. This especially happens when the control has been implicitly initialized. This tip describes what you can do to avoid confusion.
This tip explains how to work with the ReferencePath property in your VB.NET and C# projects.
For Windows | May 24, 2005
If you're troubleshooting an application for memory-related problems or working towards getting an application designed for Windows XP Logo, you'll need to know about the MS Application Verifier.
For Controls | January 5, 2005
Microsoft VS.NET provides design-time support for form inheritance. A derived form can be added to your solution by right-clicking on your project in the Solution Explorer window and choosing "Add..." and then "Add Inherited Form…" from the context menu.
With the release of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, you can now set multiple breakpoints on a single line
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