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More articles by Boris Milrud, Oracle Pro

Author Bio
Boris Milrud has 10 years of experience as a software developer. He is a Senior Database Engineer with Callidus Software, Inc. located in San Jose CA. He is specializing in all aspects of Oracle database software development including database design, programming, optimization and tuning.
For Get Help | June 1, 2002
Learn how you can send e-mails directly from an Oracle database as a real-time messaging solution. No longer will you need to wait for stored procedures to complete in order to monitor them.
For Get Help | May 1, 2002
An Oracle developer may work on a project that requires table columns to have different names from the ones initially assigned during the database design phase. If you're faced with this situation, this simple technique can be your salvation.
For Get Help | April 1, 2002
To retrieve rows set by set from a database without getting previously obtained rows in subsequent sets, use Oracle's package structure as a holder for session-persistent data in combination with the new Oracle 8i BULK COLLECT feature and LIMIT keyword.
For Get Help | January 1, 2002
Foreign key (FK) constraints without supporting indexes can cause severe performance problems during SQL queries and massive DML (Data Manipulation Language) operations, such as DELETEs or UPDATEs. Use a SQL script to detect unindexed foreign key constraints.
For Get Help | June 1, 2001
Indexes are Oracle database objects that provide a fast, efficient method of retrieving data from database tables.
For Get Help | May 1, 2001
Use a PL/SQL solution (a custom stored procedure) or a SQL solution (using the new analytic function RANK() with nested subqueries) to eliminate duplicates in a single SQL statement and control which rows to keep in the database.
For Get Help | April 1, 2001
How to avoid the ORA-01555 error programmatically—that is, from the PL/SQL developer's perspective.
For Get Help | March 1, 2001
From the DBA's perspective, you can avoid the ORA-01555 error by allocating rollback segments and configuring them with the proper parameter values, as described.
For Get Help | February 1, 2001
This task of data cloning is quite common in any testing or tuning environment. Obviously, it requires some technique to automate it.
For Get Help | January 1, 2001
Use the Oracle 8i Profiler to analyze PL/SQL code and locate bottlenecks.
For Get Help | December 1, 2000
Use a single SQL statement to perform a top-N query.
For Get Help | November 1, 2000
Covers new features introduced in the 8i version of Oracle, including bulk binds, autonomous transactions, and new database triggers.
For Get Help | October 1, 2000
Covers new features introduced in the 8i version of Oracle, including Native Dynamic SQL, the NOCOPY parameter option, and the DBMS_Profiler.
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