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More articles by Bruno Delb

Author Bio
Bruno Delb, the author of the first French book about J2ME, is the founder of Net Innovations and Unified Mobiles. Unified Mobiles has created the concept of unified mobile applications development, based on UMAK (Unified Mobile Application frameworK). UMAK is a complete framework to facilitate and accelerate the development of multiplatform applications (J2ME, DoJa, and Web applets). It's based on a very detailed knowledge base of devices, a Java testing suite, a productivity tools suite, and on a configuration engine to take into account each feature of each device model.
For Devx Special Reports | April 23, 2008
Read this beginner's guide to extending an enterprise application to mobile devices with the Java ME technologies.
For Wireless Zone | October 4, 2006
Got porting nightmares? If you're considering automating the porting your J2ME applications, you may want to think about using a preprocessor. Find out why it's the only technique open-ended enough to handle porting to multiple device models.
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