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More articles by Bruno Zambetti

Author Bio
Bruno A. Zambetti is founder of Huge! srl, an Italy-based company specializing in Internet and distributed solutions. He is a .NET Architect, a Fortinet-certified network specialist, and has authored several articles on .NET and web infrastructures.
For Devx Special Reports | April 23, 2008
Enterprises take note: as handheld devices become both more capable and more user-friendly, they're also becoming "must-have" equipment for people who work away from the office, replacing their heavy laptops with smaller and lighter but still fully-functional equipment.
For Web Development Zone | February 6, 2008
Discover how to render online, interactive, 2D data from your application using Google Maps.
For Web Development Zone | October 30, 2007
Learn to write applications that render static and real-time data positional data with Google Earth.
For Web Development Zone | October 19, 2007
Discover how easy it is to acquire and store geographic data that you can use to add maps and 3D rendering to your applications.
For Web Development Zone | December 8, 2005
Need to know what your Web site users are visiting in your sites? Try this free and open source Web log analyzer you can use with IIS6-hosted Web sites and applications.
For .NET Zone | August 13, 2005
For many transactional applications in .NET, you can avoid the overhead of using Enterprise Services and simply mimic the simple transactional style of COM+ applications by using a DistributedTransaction object that wraps an ADO.NET Transaction object.
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