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More articles by Bryant Harris

Author Bio
Bryant Harris is a Senior Architect/Development Manager who specializes in middleware and using software as a tool for executing business plans. Bryant also is the founder of the open source Classpath Helper project.
For Java Zone | April 3, 2008
Listener-based dependency injection builds upon the core concepts of property-based Dependency Injection and offers many of the same benefits. Find out how you can use listener injection to reduce boilerplate code and clearly communicate relationships between POJOs using the Spring framework.
For Java Zone | November 8, 2007
Spring's POJO-based programming model has proven to be a much better way to write, test, and assemble robust Java EE applications, but it works only if you configure your objects with Spring. What happens when you combine Spring with an in-house legacy framework or Java EE technology such as EJBs or servlets?
For Java Zone | July 6, 2006
Leverage the Spring framework as a platform for creating lightweight plug-ins that work seamlessly with your existing J2EE applications.
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