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More articles by Carl Franklin

Author Bio
Carl Franklin is a frequent contributor to CoDe Magazine.
For CoDe Magazine | August 14, 2006
Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell interview Tim Huckaby about .NET's origins, Vista's ship-date slipping, and an interesting .NET visualization application.
For CoDe Magazine | April 15, 2006
.NET Rocks! talks with David Smith about BitTorrent, IPv6, and his BTSharp set of C# BitTorrent components.
For CoDe Magazine | February 8, 2006
Interviewers Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell catch up with Microsoft's David Treadwell at the PDC, who discusses his early experiences, right out of college, programming the Windows NT kernel.
For CoDe Magazine | December 7, 2005
Carl Franklin interviews two distinguished members of the CLR team, Brad Abrams and Joel Pobar, resulting in a great discussion about memory management, the JIT compiler, NGEN, and more. They answer the question: "If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?"
For CoDe Magazine | September 29, 2005
In episode #114 Brian Randell offers some insight into Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server.
For CoDe Magazine | July 28, 2005
In episode #109 Matt Mannion from Clarity Consulting talks about the application his company developed with and for the Indy Racing League in Indianapolis, IN. Using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and VB.NET they were able to develop a great application for managing real-time racing data and reporting.
For CoDe Magazine | June 1, 2005
The hosts of .NET Rocks! interview NASA's Chris Maxwell and Randy Kim, who work on the World Wind project.
For CoDe Magazine | April 1, 2005
This installment of .NET Rocks! is an interview with Don Box, Ted Neward, and Mark Pollack about Swing.NET, a .NET implementation of the Swing project that had its roots in the open-source world and is used extensively with Java.
For CoDe Magazine | January 29, 2005
This installment of .NET Rocks! is an interview with Visual Basic Product Manager, Jay Roxe.
For CoDe Magazine | December 3, 2004
This excerpt is from a recent interview with the one and only Charles Petzold, who discusses his interest in differential analyzers, classical music, and much more.
For CoDe Magazine | September 30, 2004
This installment goes back to January 2004, to an interview with Bill Vaughn and Peter Blackburn about their experiences with SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services.
For CoDe Magazine | July 30, 2004
Sometimes the coolest .NET Rocks! shows are not about .NET at all. Show #59 with author Bob Reselman was one of those shows.
For CoDe Magazine | May 22, 2004
Carl Franklin, host of the Internet talk show ".NET Rocks!", speaks with Scott Guthrie, Don Box, and Alan Cooper on the future of .NET.
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