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More articles by Charlotte Foust

Author Bio
Charlotte Foust has been developing relational databases for over 20 years, and has focused on Microsoft Access since its initial release in 1992. She has designed and consulted on databases for a number of different industries. Charlotte has been an MVP in Woody's Lounge for many years, and presently serves as a moderator for the MS Access board at that site.
For .NET Zone | July 10, 2009
One of your first steps to serious .NET development should be creating and implementing flexible typed datasets to maintain control and protect the validity of your data.
For Database Development Zone | June 5, 2009
If you're a .NET newbie coming from Access or SQL Server, let .NET do the hard work of creating a connection to foreign data. Then customize the resulting control to add functionality.
For Database Development Zone | April 10, 2009
This short introduction to .NET shows Access and SQL Server developers how to use a development tool to create connections to data and a user interface to manipulate that data.
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