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More articles by Chris Haseman

Author Bio
Chris Haseman is an independent software engineer specializing in wireless development. He can be found riding his bike between coffee shops in San Francisco. He's the author of the book Android Essentials (published by Apress). In his spare time, he's a resident DJ at xtcradio.com and a martial arts instructor.
For Wireless Zone | October 11, 2009
Follow this guide for implementing two critical elements of an Augmented Reality application on Android: GPS and the accelerometer.
For Wireless Zone | August 15, 2009
Learn how to implement the first two elements of an Augmented Reality engine (the camera and the Compass) on Android.
For Wireless Zone | October 16, 2008
Google’s Android allows developers a great deal of access to the phone. Enable your applications to communicate with the outside world using SMS messages.
For Wireless Zone | December 13, 2007
The best way to understand a new SDK is to work with it. With that in mind, we'll show you how to do some basic location based services and simple UI layout using Google's newest upstart mobile offering.
For Wireless Zone | September 28, 2007
Leverage the tremendous buzz surrounding the iPhone by customizing your web site with CSS and Ruby on Rails.
For Wireless Zone | August 29, 2007
Add functionality to your Brew applications with IWEB and Google's powerful Calendar API.
For Wireless Zone | March 22, 2007
Unlocking the power of Brew's extensions can be somewhat tedious at first. Once you know the ins and outs, you can bring their extensive horsepower to bear with ease and precision.
For Wireless Zone | December 30, 2006
Brew's impressive collection of component interfaces usually makes your life easier, but there just isn't an interface for everything. What happens when an interface is almost perfect for your task...but not quite? Find out how to extend an interface to use its existing functionality while adding something completely different.
For Wireless Zone | December 20, 2006
Reduce your build management headaches and handle your resource objects in plain text using the power of Brew's new XML resource file architecture.
For Wireless Zone | March 8, 2006
BREW has supported multimedia presentation from the start. Now, its new IMedia interface makes taking advantage of BREW's rich support for audio and video playback easier than ever.
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